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Staff and organisation of the Belgian Mathematical Society

President: Philippe Cara (VUB) (pcara @ vub.ac.be)

Vice-President: Yvik Swan (ULg) (yvik.swan @ ulg.ac.be)

Treasurer: Guy van Steen (U.A.)

Secretary: Peter De Maesschalck (UHasselt) (bms @ ulb.ac.be)

Further members of the board of the BMS

Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace (UCL)

Stef Caenepeel (VUB) (editor in chief of the Bulletin)

Andreas Weiermann (UGent)

Karel Dekimpe (KUL-Kortrijk)

Camille Debiève (UCL) (Managing Editor of the Bulletin)

Jean Van Schaftingen (UCL)

Pascal Lambrechts (UCL) (Book Review Editor)

Joost Vercruysse (ULB)

Denis Bonheure (ULB)

Karl Grosse-Erdmann (UMons)

Christian Michaux (UMons)

Renaud Lambiotte (FUNDP)

Leo Storme (UGent)

Adhemar Bultheel (KUL)

Stefaan Vaes (KUL)

Yvik Swan (ULg)

Jasson Vindas (UGent)

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