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Forthcoming conferences

Would you like to announce your conference or seminar on this site? Just send an e-mail with the relevant information to pcara@vub.ac.be.


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Past BMS conferences

1996 Antwerp Joint BeNeLux-AMS Conference
1999 Brussels First joint BMS-LMS Conference
2001 Liège Joint BMS-DMV Conference
2003 Brussels Mathematics and genomics day
2004 Tilburg Belgisch-Nederlands Mathematisch Congres
2005 Gent Joint BeNeLux-French Math Societies Conference
2008 Brussels Mathematics of Ranking
2009 Leuven Joint BMS-LMS Conference
2011 Brussels Mathematics in secondary schools: now... and afterwards?
2012 Liège Joint Belgian-Spanish-Luxembourg Math Societies Conference
2014 Brussels 2014 Fields Medallists Symposium
2017 Brussels Joint BMS-VVWL-SBPMef Mathematics conference

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