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KU Leuven

Research professorship in Pure Mathematics: Analysis

At the department of mathematics at KU Leuven (Belgium), there is a vacancy for a 
research professorship in pure mathematics: analysis. We are looking for applicants 
with an excellent research track record in functional analysis in the broad sense 
of the word, including fields like operator algebras, geometric group theory, 
harmonic analysis, ergodic theory, free probability theory, random matrices, and 

Depending on the record and qualifications of the applicant, the appointment can be 
made in any of the grades of the senior academic staff (from tenure track assistant 
professor to full professor). As a research professor, you have a reduced teaching 
load during ten years. You will also receive a startup grant.

The official vacancy announcement can be found at 

All information on how to apply can be found at 

There is a two stage application procedure: you have to submit a pre-application 
before 29 September 2017 and a number of applicants will be invited to submit a 
full application before 3 November 2017. Interviews will take place between 
15 November and 8 December 2017. The start date of the position is 1 October 2018.

For more general information on the conditions, salary scales, benefits, etc. of 
professors at KU Leuven, please consult
If you have any specific questions, do not hesitate to contact Stefaan Vaes (stefaan.vaes@kuleuven.be).

Job location: 
Celestijnenlaan 200b
3001 Leuven
Contact and application information
Friday, September 29, 2017
Contact name: 
Stefaan Vaes
Contact email: 

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