Recent breakthroughs in Mathematics


The Belgian Mathematics Society is happy to invite you to its general assembly which will take place Wednesday 5/12/2018 from 2PM to 6PM. The event will consist in an afternoon's discussion by international and local experts on some of the more breathtaking breakthroughs in contemporary mathematics. The talks will focus on topics which were recently awarded prestigious prizes (particularly the Abel prize and Fields medal): PDEs, Wavelet theory, Algebraic geometry and Number Theory. All talks will be accessible to large audiences of mathematicians. Participation is free but registration is mandatory, see below. 


The event will be organised at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and will start at 2pm in room
Forum E, campus Plaine

Those of you coming by car will need to display a parking authorization behind their windshield. The recommended parking is "parking Fraiteur" via "Acces 2".


Please help us announcing this event! Here is a poster.


We are happy to announce talks by the following four speakers : 

A detailed program is available here. The meeting will be closed by a cocktail offered by the BMS to all participants. 


Registration is now closed.

GDPR compliance

During this event photos might be taken. The photos taken by our photographer will be used only for illustration purposes on our website and in our Newsletter. According to GDPR laws we should ask each one of you who appears in the photos for explicit permission to publish the photos. Please understand that this is practically infeasible. However you will be notified when the photos appear on the website and you will receive the Newsletter. We will then be happy to remove any unwanted pictures.