Membership dues and Reciprocity Agreements

For new members: please first complete the initial registration as described on this page

Membership fees 

Ordinary BMS membership is Free for all PhD students for the length of their PhD. For all others, the membership dues are as follows: 

Ordinary BMS membership EUR 20
BMS + EMS membership EUR 45

You can either pay via bank transfer BIC: GEBABEBB / IBAN: BE70 0011 7447 8525 or via PayPal, with communication "NAME + FIRST NAME + AFFILIATION".

Please note that the EMS membership fee of EUR 25 is allowed only to persons belonging to an EMS. corporate member society. The EMS individual membership fee is 60 euro otherwise. Members of the EMS receive the newsletter of the EMS, and have free access to Zentralblatt. 
For further information on the EMS. see the homepage of the Society at

It is preferred you pay your EMS membership fee directly to the EMS. See this link for details.

Reciprocity agreements

  • with the 'S. B. P. Mef. and the V. V. W. L'.

A reciprocity agreement exists with the "Société Belge des Professeurs de Mathématiques d'expression française" (S. B. P. Mef.) and with the "Vlaamse Vereniging voor Wiskunde Leraars" (V.V.W.L.). By virtue of this agreement, members of these Societies are liable to pay a reduced membership to the B. M. S. of EUR 18. 
These members should indicate on their payment of EUR 18 to the B. M. S.: "member of the S. B. P. Mef. or V. V. W. L." and pay their fees to the S. B. P. Mef./V. V. W. L. separately.

  •  with the 'American Mathematical Society'

B. M. S. members (residing outside the U. S. at the time of billing) are allowed the reciprocity membership reduced rate of
$ 94.00/yr. Privileges of membership include discounts of 20%-50% on most AMS publications purchased for the member's personal use only. Subscriptions to the Notices and the Bulletin (New series) are included as part of the membership. 
For further information see the home page of the A. M. S. at

  • with the 'Société Mathématique de France'

The members of the B. M. S. benefit from the following reciprocity membership conditions:

  1.  50% reduced membership rate
    S. M. F. membership fee (reduction included) EUR 37
    This includes a free subscription to the Gazette des Mathématiciens (Journal of the S. M. F.).
  2. Liability to subscribe at membership prices to the following journals published by the S. M. F.:
Bulletin EUR 129
Bulletin électronique EUR 95
Mémoires EUR 100
Astérisque: 12 numéros EUR 466
Astérisque: 12 numéros électronique EUR 350
Histoire des Mathématiques EUR 66
Histoire des Mathématiques électronique EUR 45
Annales scientifiques de l'ENSEUR EUR 519
Annales scientifiques de l'ENS électronique EUR 420

Please pay your (reduced) fees separately to the S. M. F.. 
For further information on the S. M. F. see the homepage of the society at

  • with the 'Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung'

Individual members under reciprocity agreements have the privilege of a 50 % reduced membership rate for DMV.
Except for students they shall be liable to subscribe to one of the journals listed below at the reduced price indicated.
They shall enjoy all the privileges of regular members of DMV in particular free subscription to  Mitteilungen der DMV (4 copies per year),and discounted fees for DMV meetings.

Annual dues for reciprocity members for the year 2016 EUR 60


Special list of journals offered to the members:

Jahresberichte der DMV (4 copies per year) EUR 26
Mathematische Semesterberichte (2 issues) EUR 26

Discount is available for individual members on 
DOCUMENTA MATHEMATICA, (see order form).

For further information on the D. M. V. see the homepage of the society at

  • with the 'London Mathematical Society'

A reciprocity agreement exists between the B. M. S. and the London Mathematical Society (L. M. S.), under the terms of which members of the B. M. S. may join the L. M. S., although the L. M. S. Council reserves the right to consider each application individually.
For further information on application for membership, see the homepage of the L. M. S. at

  • with the 'Royal Spanish Mathematical Society (R. S. M. E.)'

The R. S. M. E. recognizes to all B. M. S. members in good standing, the right to become Reciprocity Members of the R. S. M. E.. The annual membership fee will be equivalent to 50% of the annual fee charged to R. S. M. E. members.

Annual dues for reciprocity members EUR 20

Please pay your R. S. M. E. fees separately to the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society. For further information on the R. S. M. E. see the homepage of the society at

  • with the 'Wiskundig Genootschap'

The Belgian Mathematical Society has reached a reciprocity agreement with the Dutch Mathematical Society (Wiskundig Genootschap).
Members of the BMS can now join the Dutch Mathematical Society for a reduced fee of EUR 70. One can register online at


Dues to the DMV should most conveniently be paid by credit card (Master,Diners, Visa, Eurocard).
Bank accounts of DMV: Volksbank Freiburg 6955002 (BLZ 680 900 00) and Postgiro
stuttgart 18517-706 (BLZ 600 100 70).

Payments to other societies (except EMS) should be done separately to the foreign society, mentioning your BMS membership status.