PhD day 2022 - poster session

The BMS poster prize jury is composed of Nero Budur (KUL), Jonas Deré (KUL), Karl Grosse Erdmann (UMons),  Chrisitian Michaux (UMons), Yvik Swan (ULB), Germain Van Bever (UNamur, President of the jury), Jean Van Schaftingen (UCL), Joost Vercruysse (ULB).

The Best Poster Prize is awarded to Sam Adriaensen (VUB). With heartfelt congratulations from the jury! 

14h30 – 15h30 : Poster session 1 

  • Sam Adriaensen (VUB), Intersecting Circles -- pdf
  • Tinatin Baratashvili (KUL), The effect of applied AMR and grid stretching to the heliospheric simulations -- pdf
  • Carole Baum (ULiège), Robustness under missing data -- pdf
  • Joaquim Brugues Mora (UAntwerpen), Constructing a singular Floer homology -- pdf
  • Charlotte Deconinck (KULeuven), Fixed points of $n-$valued maps -- pdf
  • Jari Desmet (UGent), Non-associative algebras for exceptional groups -- pdf
  • Oriola Gjetaj (UGent), Gödel's Incompleteness through Goodstein Principles -- pdf
  • Arne Hendrickx (UGent), L^p-L^q boundedness of Fourier multipliers on fundamental domains of lattices in R^d -- pdf
  • Junging Huang (UGent), Intrinsic Image Transfer for Illumination Manipulation -- pdf

15h30 – 16h30 : Poster session 2

  • Paulien Jansen (UGent), Abelian Tits sets: a geometric classification -- pdf
  • Alexis Langlois-Rémillard (UGent), Weaving weights: double dihedral deformation -- pdf
  • Maarten Lathouwers (KULeuven), The Reidemeister spectrum of 2-step nilpotent groups determined by graphs -- pdf
  • Thomas Lamby (ULiège), About the pointwise regularity of functions defined through continued fractions -- pdf
  • Frederick Maes (UGent),  A thermoelastic problem in the dual-phase-lag setting -- pdf
  • David Santiago Gomez Cobos (UGent), Coordinate-free pseudodifferential calculus for manifolds -- pdf
  • Daurenbek Serikbaev (UGent), Inverse problems for evolutionary equations for positive operators -- pdf
  • Cédric Simal (UNamur), Effects of local interactions in epidemic outbreaks in networks of structured populations -- pdf
  • Xuechao Wang (UGent), Deep Learning for Parkinson’s Disease Diagnostic -- pdf

 Online only: 

  • Bakhodirjon Toshtemirov (UGent), Direct and inverse problems for singular partial differential equations with fractional order integral-differential operators -- pdf
  • Karlygash Dosmagulova (UGent), Delta-shaped perturbations of the Laplace-Beltrami operator on a two-dimensional sphere -- pdf